Where to Buy

Making stuffed ham at home is not for everyone.  If you would like to enjoy this treat without all the effort here are some places that sell it already prepared.

If you are in Southern Maryland try these locations

Murphy’s Grocery – Avenue, MD

McKay’s Grocery – Several locations in Southern Maryland

You can also order online and have some delicious stuffed over-nighted to you from http://wjdent.com/.

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  1. admin says:


    Are you looking to have this shipped or are you able to pick it up directly?

    Murphy’s Grocery makes some of the best stuffed ham you can buy (homemade is better in my opinion). They are located in ‘downtown’ Avenue. MD at the interestion of MD Route 242 (Colton Point Road) and MD Route 470 (Oakley Road). Their phone number is
    (301) 769-3131.

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